What is Food Security?

When a community is food secure, all of its citizens have dignified access to affordable, good-quality, nutritious food. While this may seem simple enough to achieve, the effects of globalization, the rising costs of real estate, and growing income disparity, are all conspiring to disconnect the average citizen from the source of their food.

As people lose the ability and skill to grow and prepare their own food, they become dependent on distant suppliers, out of season produce, and processed foods. In short, the source of their food is not secure and the quality is compromised. This problem is compounded in a place like Vancouver Island where the added burden of transportation compromises the cost and quality of even the basics.

Nanaimo Community Kitchens is working to increase food security in Nanaimo by providing programs that build food preparation skills of participants. They in turn can pass them on to their families. Often basic cooking skills are lost from generation to generation.  By cooking together we feed individuals, families, and our communities.